Продажа производственного помещения, Житомир

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195 000 $
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площадь 2000 /-
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Опубликовано 03.07.2018
ID 14531806
Продажа производственного помещения
Тип объекта: здание / комплекс
Кол-во помещений: 2
Этаж: 1
Этажность: 1
Общая: 2000 м²
Участок: 152 сотки
Тип предложения: от представителя хозяина (без комиссионных)

The Production and Warehouse agricultural complex in new the pry is on sale. to a zone with foreign investments.
1) The ground (the territory is asphalted)
a) The area - 1,5299 Hectares
b) Purpose - the earth of the industry, transport, communication, power engineering.
2) Production Warehouse
a) The area - 1600 m/kV
b) Building walls from a brick
c) Height of ceilings is 6 m
d) Overlappings
e) Cooling system
e) Stage
g) An unloading Site - фундамент+асфальт+колонны (400 m/kV)
3) Office locations (2010 of construction)
a) The area of office is 400 m/kV + a warehouse of 140 m/kV (5 sea containers)
b) Building walls - thickness 60см (Пеноблок1+1) + polystyrene 5sm - very warm
c) Height of ceilings is 4 meters
d) Overlappings
e) The base and the building it is expected creation 2 the second a floor
e) The modern repair
g) Dignity. Node
h) Shower
i) Kitchen
4) Parking with covering for automobile machines
5) Recreation area (a green zone)
a) Summer lodge
b) Toilet + Shower
d) Arbor
e) Basketball site
e) The volleyball court with river sand
g) The summer pool - diameter is 8 meters
6) Lodge of protection of-30 m/kV
7) Additional office of 30 sq.m
8) Automatic gate (2) on entrance and in the territory
9) Communications
a) El.En - 2 two TP 10000 / 200 of KW
b) Water - Two (2) Slits, depth is 100 m
c) Fire reservoir
d) Sanitarian holes from 2 pieces
e) A new Railway branch (at adjacent plant there is a diesel tractor which can be leased)
The complex will be ideally suited for production and processing both agricultural production and pry.
Along all territory there passes the Railway branch, there are some ready platforms with a drainage.

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Этот объект уже куплен или снят в аренду
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